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Our commitment to nature, society and the environment

Q-Living has a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainability both through the assets that make up our portfolio and in the activities of our organization.

Our commitment to nature

We actively participate in the design of the project with the objective of achieving a responsible construction in which the environmental footprint is reduced, thus reducing the overall impact on our environment.

This sustainable design allows us to reduce housing consumption and CO2 emissions, giving the homes a high energy rating thanks to:

Compromiso con el medioambiente, la sociedad y el entorno

Water consumption

Faucets with flow reducers.

Power consumption

Air conditioning systems with aerothermal energy, LED lighting in common areas and presence detectors.

Gas consumption

Solar thermal panels providing energy for heating domestic hot water.

Boiler disposal

Non-renewable energy combustion boilers.

Our commitment to society

We believe in diversity and inclusion as the basis for a prosperous and just society, and we apply this in our own organization, offering our employees equal opportunities and caring for their well-being through various initiatives.

We engage with local communities through our activities, promoting employment and training and generating wealth that contributes to the sustainable growth of the region.

Training and Employment

Wealth generation

Sustainable growth

Compromiso con el entorno

Our commitment to the environment

We strive to offer our different stakeholders answers to their demands, whether they are investors, employees, suppliers or public or private administrations.

We drive change so that our actions ensure the creation of value for all of them.
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