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Q-Living - Involved in the entire value chain of our assets
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Involved in the entire value chain

At Q-Living we actively participate in the entire value creation process of each of our real estate assets in our portfolio.


We identify land acquisition transactions or turnkey project development opportunities that meet our investment criteria.

Acquisition and structuring

We negotiate the conditions and guarantees for the acquisition of the assets, as well as the financing terms with financial institutions.

Top-tier real estate partners

We wisely choose the best real estate developers to accompany us in the real estate development process.

Asset development supervision

Monitoring and control of the property design, construction phase, until the first occupancy licenses are obtained.


Structuring the financing of our assets to optimize financial resources and maximize returns for our investors.

Lease monitoring

Control of building operation to optimize investment.


We continuously manage and analyze the divestment of our assets and/or funds with institutional investors.

Our investment approach


Q-Living invests in new housing developments for rent in the Community of Madrid.


Q Living’s commitment is to provide quality housing and services that meet the needs of today’s population.

Affordable rent

Below-market rents aimed at a middle segment of the population.

Exhaustive analysis

We carry out powerful market studies where we analyze the macro data of the population together with the supply and demand data of the residential rental market, designing the buildings according to the needs of the area.

Type of housing

New construction of free and subsidized housing to cover the needs of first homes.
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