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8M: conciliation boosts women’s role in the search for parity in the real estate sector

Analysts, CEOs, general managers, operations managers, strategy directors, vice presidents… There are many women who occupy high positions in the real estate sector, despite the fact that the brick sector has traditionally been linked to the male sex. To commemorate International Women’s Day, idealista/news talks to some of the main female real estate voices on the national scene, who tell us what role women should have in the business world and what differential elements they can contribute. This 8M, in addition, they review what lessons the health pandemic has left and why the trend towards parity is already unstoppable in Spain.

Rosa Gallego, Director of Operations:

Within the labor market, women have achieved a very relevant position within companies, but there is still a long way to go. I am sure that in time we will achieve leadership positions on our own merits and not by legal imposition. Here I would not blame machismo, because a generational change is taking place that I hope is eliminating this scourge, but we cannot “invade” or “climb” in companies without the background and experience to face these positions.

Putting the working woman at the epicenter of the real estate sector, I have to congratulate each and every one of them who work in this traditionally “men’s” sector. I am addressing the construction manager from the construction company, as well as the consultant, architect, quantity surveyor, developer, financier, property manager, lawyer…, and all those women who have decided to opt for this sector being pioneers in their day and now examples to be followed by the rest.

It is an exciting sector. We develop cities, create life, social environments… it is exciting and from here I invite the next generations to embark on this world that is no longer so closely linked to the male gender. I have never liked to differentiate between men and women, because professionally we are equal, but it is true that we give a different “touch” to the sector with a new vision that, added to the male experts, we make great teams.

The lessons I have learned throughout my professional career as a woman working in the real estate sector is to know how to adapt to the culture you live in at any given moment and to fight for your goals without any gender stereotypes.

I would also like to highlight the respect I have received from all the workers in the construction sites where I have worked because almost 25 years ago there were very few of us in the technical teams and they were still surprised. That surprise was translated into respect and, sometimes, into pampering and admiration. Just as I boast about the respect of the site personnel, I would like to add a criticism of the higher positions where the promotion of women was not looked upon favorably… or not at all. At some point you would reach your glass ceiling and you wouldn’t go beyond it, so they didn’t think much of you either. Now, what happens when you break the glass ceiling? Well, the inertia of the pressure makes you fly. Fly, real estate women, fly to infinity and don’t let them cut your wings.

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