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86 homes Colmenar Viejo - Q-Living
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We bought an 86 new homes development in Colmenar Viejo


We bought a development of 86 new homes in Colmenar Viejo.

Q Living is growing in Madrid. The investment fund set up by Qualitas Equity Group in July 2020 has acquired an 86-home development in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid). With this new development, it now has five and a portfolio of 350 homes in the Community of Madrid, located in Torrejón de Ardoz, El Cañaveral and Colmenar.

The company’s objective, with a firm commitment to increase the affordable rental housing stock, is to invest 200 million euros in more than 1,000 homes by 2025. Its strategic plan includes continuing to place new buildings on the market, where construction quality, sustainability and efficiency are paramount, always with the premise of maintaining affordable rents for tenants. To this end, it will continue to collaborate, independently and without exclusivity, with the main developers in the national market.

Since its incorporation, Q Living has promoted the development of free and subsidized housing developments, which stand out for their value-added services for tenants. “Our purpose is to respond to the problem of access to the first home in Spain, facilitating access to a quality, sustainable residential product at an affordable price,” says Manuel Azpíroz, Managing Partner of Q Living.

With this approach, Q Living meets the growing demand of a new tenant profile, more demanding in terms of environmental care, space rationalization, design and energy efficiency. This philosophy has been transferred to its new generation buildings, which house 1, 2 and 3-bedroom homes, with garages, storage rooms, gardens and leisure and sports areas.


The new project located in Colmenar Viejo meets these criteria, as it also incorporates features such as terraces and large open spaces (a source of natural light), which are increasingly in demand.

Qualitas Equity Group was one of the founders of Tectum, a company dedicated to housing development and leasing, which was sold to AXA Investment ManagersReal Asset in June 2020. The Q Living management team continues to provide management services to the Tectum vehicle. It is currently marketing to its predecessor fund investors. 

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